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How To Use The Source Yoga Online

Our unique and intricate yoga platform allows you to get the most out of your at-home practice. In this article we give you the tips and tricks on how to use our website.

Tip 1 - Search For Your Class

Whether you are looking for a single class or a series of classes, use our search tool to locate the exact class that fulfills your desire. 

Class Search - To search for a specific class, you may filter by instructor, duration, style, difficulty, and membership level.

Series Search - To search for a series of classes, you may filter by instructor, style, difficulty and membership level.

Tip 2 - Learn About Your Class

Each class has an in-depth article about the practice that we suggest reading prior to taking the class. This will give you a look into the underpinnings of the practice and enhance your overall experience while taking the class. Also prior to taking the class, look over the posture clinics to make sure you are familiar with all the postures in the practice. If you are not, watch the posture clinics of the pose you wish to learn more about. Each posture clinic is about 1-2 minutes long. Lastly, look at the length of the class, the level and what kind of props you may need. It is always best to gather your props before starting the practice to allow for a uninterrupted session.

Tip 3 - Take The Class

Once you are ready, take the class. Remember to breathe and know that yoga meets you where you are - there is no need to go into any postures that do not feel good for you. If you enjoyed the class, hit the namaste button. To learn more about the functionality of this button, read our Favorite Classes article.

Tip 4 - Contact Us With Any Further Questions

Our help center is not only for technical issues when dealing with memberships or our yoga platform. As a practitioner at The Source Yoga + Wellness, you have experienced yoga professionals at your fingertips. Use our help button to chat or email us your questions - or send them to We are here to ensure you get the most our of your yoga practice with us so do not hesitate to ask your questions.

Tip 5 - Drink Water and Meditate

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Your muscles are begging to continue their cleansing process - drink a few glasses of water in the hours following your practice. This will ensure you get the most benefits out of your session. Lastly, know that what we do on our mats is only the beginning. The practice of yoga begins in the now - the moments where you are stuck in a traffic jam and know you are going to be late, or when life sends you more stressors than relaxers - in these moments, your practice of yoga begins. Meditate on the concepts from our videos throughout your day, week, or month to understand them more fully. Wisdom is rubbing knowledge through your experience. We wish you all the best on this journey towards wisdom.

At the end of the day, this practice is what you make of it. We are here to guide you towards a successful journey - however, you are the only one who can dictate what you chose to receive from this practice. Let us know if there is anything we could do to further ensure your successful practice.

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