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Here are some frequently asked questions for our Self Help Library.

How do I find the category I need?

The Categories relate to the large menu items. All help articles for the bottom tabs regarding to the Source Social network can be found under "Social," all other categories correspond to the drop down item on the side menu (ex. "Yoga" covers classes, studios, instructors and downloads). If you ever need help on something, figure out what the larger category is you are in and go to the support articles for that larger category.

Can I filter through self-help articles?

Yes, every word in the articles are used as keywords so type in a few words dealing with your problem and see what comes up, for instance "download" and "class" will bring up an article on how to download classes whereas "download" and "meditation" will bring up an article on how to download meditations.

Can I favorite and article for future use?

Absolutely! Swipe the article you wish to favorite to the left and click the "Favorite" button.

What if the answer I need is not in an article?

If your answers are not found in the self help library, contact us by clicking here and we will answer your question and add an article to our self-help for future ease of assistance and reference.

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