FAQ The Source Live (Premium)

Here are some frequently asked questions for The Source Live Schedule and features. For more in-depth knowledge on these topics visit our Self Help Library of articles.

How do I join The Source Live

When a class is about to start, simply go to The Source Live page in your app side menu.

How do I join the live chat?

To join the live chat, sign in with a name and check the "Agree To Terms" box. Join and start chatting away!

My Source Live froze. What do I do?

There are two ways to fix this: 1. Go to a different page on the app and then come back. 2. Exit and close the app and then restart it. If this is a bandwidth issue, see the question below.

How much bandwidth do I need to stream The Source Live?

We stream at 720p, meaning you need above 2.5mbps of download speed to stream The Source Live. To check your current bandwidth, on your device go to testmy.net and run a "Download" test. It is worth doing this on and off of WiFi while using your mobile device. Keep in mind that bandwidth is shared across all devices using that internet stream (i.e. if you have multiple devices actively using the same WiFi, your device's share of the bandwidth will not be 100% of the total "Download" speed).

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