FAQ Class Downloads

Here are some frequently asked questions for class downloading features. For more in-depth knowledge on these topics visit our Self Help Library of articles.

How do I download a class?

While around WiFi or with LTE service, click "View My Downloads." Search for the class you want to download and then click the "Download" icon on the right of the class title. After it is done downloading you will see a notification that says "Downloaded" next to the class title.

How do I watch my downloaded classes?

Simply click on the class that is downloaded and the class will start playing.

How much space do downloads take?

This depends on the class length. At 720p quality, an hour worth of downloaded class time takes up about 3gb of memory. We suggest only downloading a class before going somewhere where you need it (to the beach, a park, on a trip, etc.) and removing the download after. This will keep your app memory space low.

How do I remove a download?

Click on the red "Minus" icon. This will remove all data space the download required. You can always download the same class again in the future if you desire.

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