FAQ Instructor Meditations

Here are some frequently asked questions for our instructors and features. For more in-depth knowledge on these topics visit our Self Help Library of articles.

How do I find the instructor's meditations?

Start by scrolling through the instructors and pick one you wish to take a meditation with. Their meditations will load and you can choose which one to take from there.

Can I filter through meditations?

Yes, but only after you have selected a specific instructor. For a list of searchable keywords, read this article.

Why does it say there are no meditations for the instructor?

Sometimes instructors get added before their meditations get released. If this is the case and you see an instructor without meditations, you can be sure their meditations are coming soon.

Can I favorite and instructor to get updates on their releases?

No, but you can turn on push notifications to get notified whenever a new meditation is releases - perhaps by your favorite instructor!

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