The Source Live Studio

Welcome to our virtual yoga studio! In this article we will walk you through all parts of our studio so that you may find more ease of use.

1. Media Player

Our media player is where the live stream will take place. If the class is not live yet, you will see the date and time of the class in the upper left-hand corner of the media player. During class, this is where you can come to adjust the volume of the instructor.

2. Spotify Player

Music is essential to the experience we are striving to cultivate at The Source Live. If you need help setting up your Spotify, click here. Be sure to test your Spotify player before each class and make sure it is playing the entire song rather than just a 30 second preview. If it is not, open a new tab, go to, and sign in to your account. Refresh your page and you should be good to go.

3. Community Chat

We have the most amazing community at The Source Yoga + Wellness. Our community chat box is a space where we can all come together and share our experience. You can sign in using Facebook, or you can continue as a guest, enter in your name, and click "join".

4. Support The Source

We are proudly 100% member supported and work hard each and every day to provide the best content and experience free to the public. There are many ways to support our mission in sharing this beautiful practice of getting to know yourself with the world. If you are called to support, read this section thoroughly.

5. Meet Your Teacher

Get to know who you are taking class with and begin to build a connection. We aim to tear down the virtual walls between teacher and student and build a conversation personal to each and every practitioner.

6. Live Rewind

Missed a class? We got you covered. Find the previous classes right here and watch any of them on your own time - completely free of charge. Share with your friends and take a virtual class together!

7. Stay Connected

We want to continue to build a relationship with you and hope that you will provide your email to stay up-to-date on our weekly offerings as well as all things The Source. We send out our emails every Sunday.

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