Spotify Set Up

Music is an integral part of how we teach classes at The Source Live. There are a few ways to set up Spotify to work while using The Source Live - by using a browser extension or by using the Spotify app. We highly recommend the browser extension.

How To Get Spotify Through A Browser Extension

Note: We have found that the Spotify browser extension works best using Google Chrome. To download Google Chrome for free, click here.

1. Download the Spotify browser extension or click here.

2. Sign into your Spotify account by clicking here. If you do not have a Spotify, sign up for a completely free account - this will let you still listen to music without paying the monthly subscription.

3. Refresh The Source Live page and test out your embedded Spotify playlist by clicking on any song and making sure it plays from the beginning and not just a 30 second preview.

3. You are all set to start enjoying our Spotify playlists right from The Source Live studio.

Use The Spotify Desktop App

1. Download the Spotify desktop app by clicking here.

2. Sign into your Spotify account or create a totally free account.

3. Keep the Spotify desktop app open and use the playlist on The Source Live to "open this playlist in Spotify app".

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, email us at or use our help button to submit a question.

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