Yoga Props

Your Guide to Yoga Props

Here is your guide through the world of yoga props and alternatives if those props are not available to you and you still want to get the benefits.

Yoga Block

Yoga blocks are an essential prop in a strong at-home yoga practice. Blocks can be used any time your hands, hips, head cannot quite connect to your mat or the floor and assist you with stabilization and alignment. A good set of blocks are essential - we recommend cork blocks because they are incredibly sturdy. Also note that blocks are not just for helping your body get into a posture when it is tight, blocks can also be for getting your body deeper into a posture for more flexibility (i.e. putting blocks at the end of your feet in paschimottanasana and reaching for the blocks rather than your feet). Regardless of your level, a good set of yoga blocks is essential - we recommend two blocks at the least.

Alternative: Use some books and stack them on top of one another to create a stable foundation to support your body.

Yoga Strap

A yoga strap is a great way to create more length in your arms and legs - think of this prop as an extension of your appendages. A traditional yoga strap can be found on numerous online sites or your local yoga shop, however this prop is easily replaced by it's alternate with little to no function lost.

Alternative: Use a long towel or t-shirt to receive all the same benefits of a strap.

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